Teachers’ Day Celebrations

A virtual Teachers’ Day celebration was held with great fervour by
Convent of Jesus and Mary International School on 4th and 5th
September 2020. Social distancing is the new norm of the day.
However, the virtual Teachers’ Day programs conducted by the
management, the PTA and the students bridged this distance and
brought hearts close to each other.
The celebrations began a day prior with the Eucharist on the 4th of
September. Fr. Peter Michael from Goa was the celebrant. Fr. Peter
gave an inspiring message comparing a teacher to a fruit bearing
tree. Like a tree, a teacher always gives his/her best to the child
expecting nothing in return. This spiritual banquet really
rejuvenated the teachers and strengthened them to continue their
mission faithfully. This was followed by a class-wise program by
the students on 5th September. The program began with a lovely
prayer service and video prepared by the Principal, Sr. Sheron. Then
students expressed their love and gratitude to their teachers
through hand-made cards, songs and dance.
The festivities did not end here but continued with another
program arranged by the PTA members. Through a creative
powerpoint presentation parents expressed their gratitude and
appreciation for the untiring efforts put in by the teachers to help
their students. They also entertained the teachers by conducting
fun games for them. The program ended with a vote of thanks by
the supervisor Ms. Sandra.

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