About Our Foundress

Our Mission is to make GOD’S MERCIFUL GOODNESS AND FORGIVENESS known. according to the Charism of Our Foundress, St. Claudine Thevenet.

Her Legacy the Pedagogy of Love is built on…..

  • Faith
  • Spirit of Service
  • Collaboration and Solidarity
  • Freedom and Responsibility
  • Justice & Peace
  • Fortitude
  • A Spirit of Gratitude

Characteristics of Claudine Thevenet’s Apostolic / Educational style: THE 6 P’s. Which we follow at Convent of Jesus and Mary International School

  • Personal
  • Practical
  • Preventive
  • Preferential
  • Providential
  • Partnership in Pardoning

Foundress of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary St. Claudine Thevenet (1774 -1837)