Activities for the Year 2019-2020

(The dates mentioned below are tentative and are subjected to change if required)

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5th Thursday                                      – Mass at 9:00a.m.

6th Friday                                            -Rosary at the grotto/ cake sharing day                                                                           (Prep I & II) / Bhel Puri Day (Grade I – VI)

10th Tuesday                                     – Submission of Question Papers

11th Wednesday                                – Fancy Dress Competition – Best out of                                                                            waste  (Grade I – VI)

12th Thursday                                    – Outreach Programme

13th Friday                                         – Show & Tell Competition (Prep- I & II)

17th Tuesday                                     – Carol Singing (Prep I – Grade VI)

19th Thursday                                    – Confessions for catholic students                                                                                     (Tentative) / Christmas Activity

(Grade I – VI)

20th Friday                                         – Christmas Mass at 9:00a.m. / Red Day                                                                           (Prep -I &II)

Colouring   Activity Prep – I & II

Prep – I Santa’s Cap / Prep – II Christmas                                                                    tree / Last Day the Pre – Primary                                                                                     Section

21st Saturday                                     – Christmas Celebration (Grade I – VI along                                                                      with SSC Section)

23rd Dec – 2nd Jan                            – Christmas Vacation

3rd Jan Friday                                    – School reopens

7th Jan Tuesday                                – Second Unit Test